Our great GOLDEN MONKEY adventure inUganda

The Golden Monkey may not be the most well known primate, but it’s certainly an enjoyable little creature. A small curious monkey, it loves to scamper throughout bamboo trees.  We left our Mgahinga Lodge in the misty morning, along a nice easy hiking trail at the base of a volcano, and after about 2 hours we spotted them ….. dozens of these playful, colorful, little monkeys swinging from tree-to-tree over our heads. They seemed unconcerned about our presence and we were able to watch and photograph them in their natural setting. An hour or more later dominant male called them all together, and off they went… swinging through the trees and out of sight. Amazing!

The golden monkey is a species of Old World monkey found predominantly in the Virunga mountains of Uganda, especially the Mgahinga national park region . Due to the gradual destruction of their limited habitat and recent wars in their region, the golden monkey is listed as endangered on the world endangered species list.

What a phenominally unique chance to get close to these little primates and study their behavior in their natural habitat!

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