Awaken to the roars of the lion pride, follow in the footsteps of elephants, and listen to a cheetah mother calling to her cubs. There is nothing in the world like going on safari, and every safari is a new adventure. African wildlife, open vehicles, massive, and awe-inspiring landscapes; safaris are a world apart, they suck you in and immerse you in their magic, and the world beyond is left behind.

Our African Safari adventures are animal-rich, with sunrise game drives, thrilling night safaris, hand-picked lodges & so much more. Spend a few days on safari, let the guides do the driving and you’ll see more wildlife than you’ve probably seen in your entire life. (oh yah, and you’ll be in a perpetual state of ‘jaw dropped’ ). The guides will see the subtle signs…. tracks in the dirt, or monkeys ‘tattling’ on the secluded leopard in the tree.

DON’T PET THESE KITTIES. On one safari we came across 2 very patient male lions ‘babysitting’ 10 little cubs. AMAZING. They allowed the little babies to crawl all over them, like little kittens, pawing at the male’s flapping tail, playing roly-poly with each other (and our presence seemed not to bother them in the least).

ELEPHANTS ON PARADE. You’d think elephants would be easy to find because of their large size. Not so. The scrubby tree/foliage they live in hides them well. We tracked a group of elephants by following the devastation to the trees (from feeding). We soon spotted the male…. he was large enough to push over our safari vehicle if he’d wanted to. But instead, these giants are gentle and wondrous to watch. We soon found his herd, lolling in a mud bath nearby. How can you not smile at that sight!

LOVE TO TRAVEL works with tour operators directly in Africa. We’ve been there many times, visited numerous camps, so we can help you plan your perfect African dream adventure.