Montana Cattle Drive

All you city slickers that dream of being a cowboy for a week…. this is the real thing. We spent our days riding the 4 winds in western Montana, some days with views of majestic Glacier National Park, other days with the wind in our faces as we crossed the great plains of the Blackfeet Nation.  We couldn’t ask for better cow hands than owner Bill and his staff.  Bill is a past rodeo cowboy, who continues to ‘break’ horses for the locals, and gave us lessons each day to improve our horsemanship. His ranch offers good home cooked meals, and rustic log cabins. As travel agents we have ridden with other outfits, but this one is the authentic, rustic adventure we’ve been waiting for. Cattle Drives. Horsemanship Weeks. And just plain riding through gorgeous territory. Ask us about it. And when you are ready to go, let us help you reserve your 2016 ranch adventure!  Contact us at