Up close. Personal. Giant Whales. The ultimate whale adventure. Great gray whales migrate each winter to the warm waters of Baja to give birth and raise their young. It’s a truly captivating moment in one of the only regions of the world where you can reach out and touch these gentle giants, mothers and babies.

Your day is spent aboard a small ‘panga’ boat as you experience the most intimate whale encounter of your life. In awe, we watched as the mother whales brought their infants right up to our boats, as if showing off their pride and joy  Have you ever touched a whale?? I have! These gentle and proud mothers allowed us to reach out and stroke them, over and over.

At night, camp along the sandy shores of Magdalena Bay, with it’s magnificent sunsets. The guides set up everything for you, delicious meals are prepared with fresh ingredients, allowing you to take in leisurely walks along the beach to reflect on the encounters of that day.

Gray whales of Mag Bay are protected by law. Only a few tour operators have permits, to avoid huge crowds that may upset the balance of the whale migration and birth. Lucky for our clients, we work closely with those tour operators.